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The Origin of the company

Filmstadt Medienproduktion Ltd.

is a german Fanzine from the mid 80s.

With a handful of friends from Berlin -

in the style of the „junge Wilde“ -

we reported of new and old films,

attended festivals and

reviewed films rarely shown on television.
Photocopied in A4 Format, with typical crude layout

and very limited circulation.
Retail outlets were for example the Bookstore

Bücherbogen Savigny Platz

and the communal cinema Arsenal.

In addition to interviews with local filmmakers -

such as Rudolf Thomé -

genres with little coverage at the time like Exploitation

or movies about Jesus

were in our focus.

The journalist Ulrich von Berg called the results,

after a very detailed discussion of his book on Sam Peckinpah,

"obscure" – as it was intended.

Another highlight is a long review of James Camerons ALIENS -

which we find valid even today.

Due less time and day-job career changes, the magazine postponed
circulation after 14 issues „indefinetly“ .


See here the covers and soon also reprints of articles.
Few original issues are still available on request.



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